Creating An Attractive Future By Investing In Petroleum Assets

Remus Corporation is a privately-owned industrial conglomerate that was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2014. The company brings together over 650-man years of industry expertise in Petroleum, Construction, Infrastructure and Medical Sciences. The Senior management team is formed of former executives from some of the largest Multi-National organisations that exist today. Remus brings a very practical no nonsense approach to the exploration and development of petroleum assets to fund its global healthcare programme. Oil for Healthcare.


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How It Works?

Remus Corporation is a company backed by Petroleum Assets. The profits from the development of these assets will be allocated to Remus Coin; providing a laudable ROI ‘Return on Investment’ to investors and additionally fund those Healthcare activities in targeted countries.

  1. Remus Develops Petroleum Assets

  2. 40% profits are posted to Remus Coin driving its growth in value for Investors

  3. Remus Coins are donated to healthcare users to pay for their healthcare needs

The world’s first Healthcare currency carrying real value for Investors and Healthcare Users alike. Developed using nascent Blockchain Technology for security, maximum efficiency and tradability.

Potential Investment Returns

Earn Double Digit Returns In Meaningful Timeframes

The table below show the potential growth in Investor Funds over the next 5 years based on the forecast price growth of Remus Coin ($USD)

* July 2020 in the launch date with the price held at $4.25/coin
All price forecasts beyond April 2019 are subject to change and do not constitute a guaranteed return.
All Remus Coin purchases are subject to terms and conditions set by Remus Corporation.

Remus Investment Target

Remus will sell 500 million Remus Coins from July 2020 onwards. For every coin sold, two coins will be systematically donated by Remus Corporation to Healthcare Users: directly having a substantial impact on their ability to pay for all their medical requirements at Remus Healthcare facilities.

The journey to making Healthcare accessible to the most disadvantaged people on the planet has begun in Earnest. Remus Coin provides a very attractive ROI ‘Return on Investment’ annually for its investors.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create a global healthcare program?

We consider it unacceptable that 40% of the world’s population doesn’t have the ability to access healthcare. Mortality in many developing countries are linked to treatable diseases, and through our healthcare programme we can offer healthcare users the possibility to see Doctors, Nurses and other medical services professionals when needed. The Vision statement is to make healthcare a basic human right and not a luxury item for the affluent few.

Why do you think your program will function?

Because our business model is a sustainable one, in which we use petroleum profits from sale of petroleum and other minerals in the targeted countries to fund the deployment of our National Healthcare Programme in those countries.

Which are the first countries you are looking to target, to deploy your Healthcare programme?

Ghana we hope will be the first country where we deploy our programme, closely followed by Kenya. In both countries discussions have begun with relevant government officials with great interest shown in our “Turn Key” National Healthcare Programme. We intend to deploy the programme in more than 30 countries globally over the next 20 years.

How many people do you think can be treated with a single Smart Healthcare City?

We expect to treat 1 million people per year per Smart Healthcare City. Within 20 years we will reach more than 400 million persons in need of healthcare.

What’s the difference between Remus Coin and other crypto-currencies?

The Remus Coin is non speculative and not virtual. It’s the first cryptocurrency asset backed by profits from petroleum product sales. The aim of this coin is to be a tool, linking the petroleum profits of our business to our main goal: creating an innovative programme for making healthcare provision sustainable and accessible.

Why should I invest in Remus?

For 2 main reasons. Firstly the forecast return on investment is notable compared to more traditional investments, based on the potential growth in value of the coin. Secondly, for humanitarian reasons, because our programme will give healthcare access to over 400 million people.

What does asset backed mean?

This means our health coin will have allocated to it cash profits from our petroleum activities in each country and so carry an intrinsic value. This coin is converted into healthcare tokens and donated to healthcare users who cannot afford to pay for medicines, doctors fees and related medical services.

What’s your organization capability in petroleum expertise?

Sath Kanagarajah, the CEO of Remus, has over 30 years experience in the Oil Industry principally in refining and marketing. Remus Corporation’s senior minerals management team has over 200 man-years of proven expertise gained through extensive careers within the Major Oil Companies.

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